Continental breakfast

Chilled orange juice, apple juice and milk
Assorted bread, croissants and pastries
Creamy butter, jams and jelly, cream cheese
Cheese, ham, salami, eggs
Yogurt and selection of cereals (raisin bran, cheerio’s, corn flakes)
Fresh fruits
Coffee and tea
ISK 1.400 per person



- Menu for Groups of minimum 15 - 20 guests

- Please contact us for any requests & inquiries regarding group sizes and prices at

Menu 1

Marinated lamb, gravlax and marinated monkfish with homemade bread
Lamb with Rosemarie sauce, vegetables and potatoes
Skyr cake with blueberry's


Menu 2
Lamb Carpaccio with soya-lime sauce
Baked salmon in wild herbs with sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables
Icelandic pancake with fruits and ice cream


Menu 3
Mushroom soup with freshly baked bread
Grilled leg of lamb with a potato tower and sauce Madeira
French chocolate cake with ice cream


Menu 4
Smoked salmon paté with horseradish- sauce
Chicken breast with risotto, salad, vegetables and white wine sauce
Apple pie with cream


Menu 5
Vegatable soup with freshly baked bread
Fried catfish in garlic with mushrooms, onions and potatoes
Ice cream with fruits


Menu 6
Seafood soup with freshly baked bread
Lamb goulash in tomatoes and basil with rice and salad
Ice cream with fruits


Menu 7
Seafood soup as a whole meal with bread

Menu 8

Icelandic meat soup as a whole meal with bread


Menu 9
Lunch Buffet for Groups


For prices - please contact us at